Unlocked Huawei F685-20 Fixed Wireless Terminal UMTS 900/2100 GSM 900/1800 AU Ship
Unlocked Huawei F685-20 Fixed Wireless Terminal UMTS 900/2100 GSM 900/1800 AU Ship
Unlocked Huawei F685-20 Fixed Wireless Terminal UMTS 900/2100 GSM 900/1800 AU Ship

Unlocked Huawei F685-20 Fixed Wireless Terminal UMTS 900/2100 GSM 900/1800 AU Ship

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used, have some scratches on the surface, the battery endurance is not so long, without original box

Ship from Australia

Used in good working condition without original box, support 900/1800 in gsm and 900/2100 In UMTS, AU 2pin plug.
include original battery. Since the item is old and used, the battery endurance is not so long.

F685 acts as a regular landline phone but connects calls over 3G instead of a phone jack. Perfect for the family and the company - up to six units can be connected, free calls between them and the ability to connect calls.
Full of features.F685 is a stylish and easy to use DECT phone. Inside the slim shell hide among other SMS function, convenient phonebook and speakerphone. Color display and easily navigated menus are added plus.

Supports the high-quality voice service (FR, HR, EFR or AMR).
Supports sending and receiving text short messages. A message can be sent to more than one person at the same time. Supports multiple supplementary services: caller ID display, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold, call barring and three-way calling. (depending on the network)
The Fixed Wireless Terminal (hereinafter referred to as the FWT) is an ideal wireless terminal for the household and corporation use.

Item Base Handset USIM card interface standard 6-pin USIM card interface /
Data interface MINI USB interface, for the parameter configuration and data service /
Power supply interface 1 pin connector Charging reed
Indoor antenna interface
F685-41:TS-9 indoor antenna interface

Item Base Handset Operating status indicator One / Battery indicator One / Signal strength indicator One

Power supply
Item Base Handset AC 100V-240V / DC 5V/1A AU Plug

Item Base Handset Type NiMH, rechargeable battery Rechargeable, Li-ion Capacity 3.6V, 1000mAh 3.7V,600mAh Typical talk time 3 hours (depending on the network) 12 hours (depending on the network) Typical standby time / 150 hours (depending on the network)

Item Base Handset
Shortcut key (3 keys) power on/off key, registration/paging key, function key (14 keys) up/down/left/right scroll key, OK key, left/right soft key, power on/off key, Send key, hands-free key, Clear key, Mute key, Speed dial key, Intercom key Number key / Number key: (12 keys) 0-9, *, # Backlight / Blue

Display Screen
Item Base Handset Type / TFT Size / 1.8 inchesResolution / 128×160 dots matrix Color / 65K colorBacklight / Provides backlight for the LCD

Name F685-41
Standard configuration Built-in antenna Built-in antennaInterface TS-9 indoor antenna / VSWR <3.0 <3.0 Gain low frequency: >-2dBi high frequency: >-1dBi low frequency: >-2dBi high frequency: >-1dBi Maximum power 4 W 4 W Color / / Input impedance 50Ω 50Ω

Antenna specifications
Signals may be weak in some areas; thus, you can choose whether to use the indoor antenna. The indoor antenna is an optional accessory, it is suggested put the indoor antenna near the window when using it. The indoor antenna can be used indoor only.

Working environment
Working temperature: -10? to +55? Storage temperature: -20? to +70? Working humidity: 5% to 95%

Voice service
Supports the voice service Voice code: Base:FR, HR, EFR or AMR, Handset: G.726 Dial the recently dialed number Dial a number from the phone book Dial a number from the message Speed dialing Supports volume adjustment of 5 levels Supports paging function

Call history
Missed calls: Up to 20 records Received calls: Up to 20 records Dialed calls: Up to 20 records

Phone book
The FWT memory: Up to 1000 contacts The USIM card memory: depend on the USIM card memory Copy records from the FWT to the USIM card or from the USIM card to the FWT Base and handset shared phone book

Supports sending and receiving text short message


Safety setting
Key Guard FWT lock PIN code (USIM card dependent)

Supplementary services (Network dependent)
Caller ID display Call waiting call barring

Ringtone and Prompt
Incoming call prompt New message prompt Low battery prompt Alarm prompt Key beep The FWT provides chord ringtones Built-in 10 ringtones Power on/off ringtone